Last Update: 01.11.2017
        That's how it all began...
In my opinion, there isn't any creature as cuddly as a cat. As a child. I've had dozens of dogs, which I loved very much. But in all these years. I've had only two cats. That's why when we started living with my boyfriend (a proud ex-owner of a Siamese) we decided to have a kitten. And then all the questions arose: what would it be, whether to take the chance and get one from the street or to raise some money and enjoy the presence of a true pedigree cat? Is the cat we are about to take really a pedigree cat? How to decide whether it is really a pedigree one when we are about to take it? And what do we do afterwards? All these questions needed a lot of searching in the web and reading specialized literature, which as a result led us to getting a pedigree cat. The last thing to decide was the breed.

        Welcome at the pages of the first Sacred Birman cattery in Bulgaria. It has been found in 2013 and registered at the Federation Internationale Feline - FIFE. We are a member of Club "Serdicat", Sofia in Bulgaria. Our mission is to breed healthy, socialized kittens, with excellent exterior qualities, true representatives of the breed.

  Why a Birman cat?
I was insisted on having a long-haired cat, but my boyfriend thought we could get a Siamese. We couldn't arrive at a compromise. After a lot of arguments and research, we found the wonderful Sacred Birman breed. We fell in love with it. If only we could find one... As it turned out, there wasn't even a single Birman cattery in our country. In the next two months, we got more thoroughly acquainted with the specifics of the breed, looked at the sites of some European breeders and contacted them until we found the perfect kitten for us. As we got through the process, the idea of a cattery of our own arose. As a careful breeder would say, taking a cat home is like an adoption. That gave us the ambition to do it. At the same time it made us conscious of the responsibility we were about to take by selecting this breed in Bulgaria.

-Here you will get acquainted with our elite cats, their pedigree, peculiarities and habits.
-You would be able to see first our new litters and of course choose a kitten of your own.
-You will be presented with the history of the breed, the legends associated with it and its present standard. We will share with you our own history and experience.
-We will also give you some useful advice in the upbringing of cats, interesting facts and our point of view on some troubling problems associated with humane animal caring.
-We hope that our site would be useful and fun for anybody interested in cats.


About us and our cattery...
With best regards,
   Aya and Plamen