Last Update: 03.10.2016
Castration of pets
              The first is the health of animals! It has been proved that castrated animals live 3 years longer. Castration prevents mammary, uterine, ovarian and vaginal tumors, uterine inflammation (pyometra) and so on.  It prevents males from developing prostate problems, tumors and inflammation of the testes. It also prevents smaller events such as marking, constant meowing or whining, aggression and bad behavior.
            Last but not least  castration preserves the purity of a breed. It prevents unscrupulous and unauthorized people from breeding illegally these wonderful cats! The Birman cat has its own specifics that would immediately be lost if mating with any other breed was allowed. Even breeding with some similar breeds such as the Siamese, the Thai, the Ragdoll or the Oriental , could be devastating. That's why we ask you to understand our responsibility as breeders of this special breed. We don't want to see stray cats which resemble the little birmans! Even a cat sold and then mated with the wrong partner can be a factor which one day may lead to this!                  
                Again, not least neutering is the only humane way to control the population of animals!
             According to the rules of each feline  organization, cats for pets are required to be neutered. As a breeder and member of one of the most respected global feline organizations - Federation Internationale Feline (FIFe) and  the first Bulgarian cattery for Sacred Birman, we strictly adhere to this policy. There are few simple and compelling reasons for that.