Last Update: 03.10.2016
           The problem is  with the well-known coloring substances, preservatives, anti-oxidants, residues from unfit for human consumption products and  low protein content (below 30%). So it lacks important vitamins, minerals, fats, taurine, etc. Often the food contains unnecessary and even harmful ingredients which serve as a filler such as corn, corn gluten, starch, various types of flour, soybean and the like.
Many people ask me, "Well, so what will happen if I feed my cat with Whis * as, for example? My relatives feed their cats with food from the supermarket and there's nothing wrong?" . I want people to think of what would happen to their children if they eat food from McDonald's day after day and year after year. The comparison is entirely appropriate because the popular brands of food addict by creating good taste while destroying the organism of the animal. Very often when we see the symptoms of disease it is too late to react!
And one more example: Have you ever heard of a tiger ill of cancer or lion with diabetes or lynx with hormonal problems...? 
      In the wild, these animals do not suffer from such diseases, it seems to me that it's because of the food they instinctively procure. When it comes to pets we more and more often hear complaints from owners whose cats suffer from the afore-mentioned problems. My advice is to choose foods which stand as close as possible to the needs of the predators. (Vice versa: When it comes to humans, these diseases occur precisely because he has turned away from its natural scenery, eating excessive amounts of meat without being a predator.)                             
    The best way is to individually prepare the food for your cat. This, however, has its disadvantages such as the enormous amount of time you will need to dedicate, and the inability to find high quality meat, edible without processing. NB!!! You need to be especially vigilant if you choose this way of eating because raw meat can be a carrier of diseases such as toxoplasmosis (a dangerous parasitic disease for cats and for people!). Another dangerous moment is when the meat is treated with any chemicals, antibiotics and more…
    The second way is to make your own  thorough examination of brands and ingredients of food they offer. The most important thing is to make an informed choice!


"Envy Me! "
         One of the most important things when we take care for our lovely cats is the good and balanced diet. Therefore we devoted much time and attention to the selection of the appropriate feline products. At the beginning we (maybe like every other owner) were confused by the variety of food at the solicitation market. Even more difficult for us was to understand if the food labeled as  "Premium"really offers the highest quality! However it turned out that sometimes it doesn't! In a thorough examination and comparison of labels, it becomes clear that 90% of the advertised  as high-quality food can seriously damage the health of your pet.         
Feeding our cats
For wet food:
Animonda Carny:
- Multi-Meat-Cocktail
-venison + cranberries
-codfish + parsley root
- turkey + rabbit
-Beef + Lamb

Animonda Ocean
-Ocean Salmon + Young Sardines
-White Tuna + Quail Egg
-White Tuna + Shrimps

! Recommendation: Do not bet on canned tuna entirely!

My food choices are:
For dry food:
-Orijen Cat and Kitten

-Orijen 6 Fish
A short video about Orijen and Acana:
Those videos can show you how to make homemade cat food :)