Last Update: 03.10.2016
Taking care of Birmans
it's soft and silky to a touch and there is no undercoat. It needs combing  once a week, maybe even less. However, if you want to achieve exquisite ruffles, it will be better to keep on regular grooming in order to remove dead hair and to shower (but not very often) your cat. The  most important thing is not to  bathe your friend with shampoo for people. You'll have to use a special shampoo designed for semi-longhair cats. (We will discuss the steps to good grooming in a separate article).
    The Birman cat is playful and affectionate. Their best feature is that they would leave you alone if they see that you don't feel like playing with them at that time, and vice versa if you are playing  they will give all their energy to you. However, if you cannot spend much time with your friend don't take  a Birman. They mostly require need, attention and company and if they don't get it they'll become sad and apathetic.                        
    The most important thing I recommend to any future owner is to raise this cat exclusively indoors. That's not because it could escape (these cats are strongly connected to their owner).  Even when the cat's outside for a short period of time it is exposed to too many dangerous viruses, parasites and incurable diseases carried by the street cats. Even preventive measures such as vaccines, may be ineffective against the constantly mutating strains of certain viral diseases.
    The female Birman  is a great mother. She  gives birth easily and cares for her kittens longer.

"Let me comb on my own!"
    The Birman cat is not from the capricious one. One of the main reasons for us to take exactly a birman kitten was the fact that they are healthy. It is one of the few breeds nowadays which is not genetically burdened.  Breeders say it's because the breed is natural.
   As representatives of  the SLH breeds, Birmans have long beautiful hair, which forms lavish ruffles around the neck as they become adults. Despite all expectations the fur can be very easily maintained. It won't come off even if you don't comb it regularly. The secret lies within two peculiarities of the hair: