The kittens of Fluffy Guardians grow happy and playful in a calm environment with their parents, caressed and loved by us. All their needs are fulfilled. They are personally taken care of and get a lot of attention, which is necessary for their harmonic upbringing. Grown up this way, as adults they will possess a good and balanced temperament, typical for this wonderful breed, which is one of our primary considerations. Just as important for us is breeding and taking care of healthy and representative of the breed individuals out of well-known bloodlines, with excellent exterior qualities and highly competitive at exhibitions.
            Our kittens leave their mother at the age of 3 months after completing the vaccination course.(1st and 2nd injection).They are given to their new owner with a contract for sell and transfer. The kittens have pedigree, microchip and vet passport, which is warranty for good health. International passport would be also available if needed.
The prices for acquiring the kittens depend on their  felinologic quality.

In case that you are not acquainted with the kitten's qualities, please first read the following article.

            Acquiring a cat goes through the following stages:
1.    First, of course, is your choice. If you choose to have a Sacred Birman cat, you will have to be informed about the breed and the right things to do while taking care of your future friend.
2.    Then it is time for you to look for the available litters in our site and contact us in case you choose a kitten.
3.    You are welcome at our home in order to become familiar with our kittens and their parents and ask us whatever questions you have in mind.
4.    And last, if you choose some of our kittens, you may count on us for advice about the upbringing, and breeding, if you have the intention to start your own cattery. We would also like to have some information and pictures of the growth and development of the kitten.

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